Give the palm trees at your Auburndale home the best chance at a long and healthy life with our palm care services.

Palm Care in Auburndale, Florida
It is tragic to see a palm tree that it is riddled with an insect infestation or disease, or one that has become uprooted in one of the many storms that can hit the Auburndale, Florida area. What is even more tragic is that these situations are usually avoidable. Proper palm care by our professionals at Total Pest Solutions can keep your palm trees healthy so they can avoid premature death.

We offer quarterly and bi-monthly palm care, so your palms can enjoy a healthy life. We provide granular fertilizer twice a year, along with root and crown drench. Our palm care services also prevent the many pests that can be drawn to palm trees and eliminate any that are currently present. Palm care is unlike another type of tree care because palms need specialized treatment to avoid disease and pests.

Palm trees are by their nature shallow-rooted, but with proper palm care, they can be encouraged to put down a better root system. We can also help make sure your palms receive proper water and have appropriate drainage so they do not experience root decay. Tree injections to control the disease are another part of our palm care service.

With careful attention, your home’s palm trees will not just look healthy, but actually be healthy. This gives them the best defense against storms and other dangers that could take away what makes your landscaping a Florida tropical paradise that you and your family love. Contact us today to get started with palm care or any of our other services.

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