We offer shrub care services that protect and beautify your Auburndale home’s landscaping.

Shrub Care Services in Auburndale, Florida
You already know that pruning is an important part of keeping the shrubs at your Auburndale, Florida home looking their best. Here at Total Pest Solutions, we leave the pruning to those who have it down to a science. What we offer is something that your shrubs need besides careful pruning. Our shrub care services go beyond the aesthetic appeal of your shrubs and delve into what is needed to keep them healthy.

We concentrate on providing your shrubs with the appropriate nutrients, so they can grow properly and avoid the diseases that prey on weakened shrubs. We also inspect your shrubs for any sign of disease or pest infestation that would eventually kill your shrubs if left untreated. While shrubs may not require as much maintenance as trees and other types of landscaping, they should be checked regularly and any issues addressed right away. A small issue can become a large one quickly because of our year-round beautiful weather.

Let us give your shrubs the tender loving care they deserve, so your investment in shrubs is protected and your landscaping stays as beautiful and healthy as possible. We enjoy using shrub care services to make your shrubs stand out in all their glory. Contact us today to learn more about this vital service or any of our other services, including pest control. We have the solutions you need to keep your home and landscaping pest free and beautiful. Be sure to ask about our child and pet-friendly products!

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