Leave it to us to perform lawn care services in Lake Alfred, FL that will remove pest problems for you.

Lawn Care ServicesLawn Care Services in Lake Alfred – There are many talents involved in getting and keeping a lush and healthy lawn. For some, it seems like a complete mystery and perhaps a total drudgery. If this sounds like you at all, consider the lawn care services we offer at Total Pest Solutions. We can take over the tasks that you either do not have the time to do or that befuddle you on how to do correctly, such as fertilizing and weed control.

Fertilizing is one of the most confusing aspects of lawn care and one our lawn care services that we get the most requests about. Not only does your grass type dictate what type of fertilizer to use, but the time of year also determines the best variety of fertilizer to use. We take care of all that for you, so your lawn stays lush all year.

Pest control is another part of our lawn care services. There are plenty of different pests that are alive and well in Lake Alfred, FL that directly damage lawns or draw other larger pests that consume them. Some, like grubs, will eat their way through your blades of grass and the roots. Moles will tear up a lawn and fill your yard with holes, tunnels and molehills. Leave it to us to perform lawn care services in Lake Alfred, FL that will remove the pest problem for you.

Give us a call today about our lawn care services. We’ll come out and assess your property for current issues and put together a personalized plan and quote that will give you a lawn your neighbors will be envious about!



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