We are experts in outdoor pest control in Lake Alfred, FL and will be able to figure out a treatment plan to get your lawn back into tip-top shape.

Outdoor pest controlFlorida is a great place to live – mild temperatures, lots of sun, great beaches. But with all of that comes lots of bugs, too. If you live in Lake Alfred, Florida, you know that outdoor pest control is a must in order to keep your lawn free from pests so you can live comfortably in our little slice of paradise.

Often outdoor pests make themselves known by the look of your lawn. Pests such as chinch bugs, sod web worms, southern mole crickets, and fall armyworms eat away at the leaves or roots of your grass, killing it and leaving big brown patches in your yard. You might mistake the brown patches for a problem with your lawn and try to treat it with water and fertilizer, but it won’t do anything to stop the pests from eating away at your grass.

If you notice brown patches in your lawn, call us at Total Pest Solutions, and we can come take a look and diagnose the problem. We are experts in outdoor pest control and will be able to figure out a treatment plan to get your lawn back into tip-top shape. It might seem simpler to go to a hardware store and find a pesticide to apply yourself, but you will save yourself a lot of time and headache by letting us treat the problem for you. Different pests respond to different pesticides, and we have the knowledge and experience to get results fast, before the rest of your lawn is chewed up. Also, some pesticides are only available to licensed outdoor pest control companies, so you’ll get better results with our service.

At Total Pest Solutions, we have been performing outdoor pest control services in the Lake Alfred area for years, and we are experts at the type of pests that commonly show up in Florida yards. If you’re looking for fast and reliable results, call us today.

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