When it come to lawn & shrub care, we start by analyzing/assessing your current grass and plant life

Lawn & shrub careHere in Lake Alfred, Florida, we have a humid climate that helps plants and shrubbery to grow very well. However, without proper care and the right amount of watering, you may notice that your lawn and shrubs struggle to grow as well as they could. Landscaping makes a big difference in the look and feel of your outdoor living space, so if you are looking to improve your yard, call us at Total Pest Solutions. We offer lawn & shrub care in the area. Our team of professionals will take their time to make sure your yard looks its best.

In addition to lawn & shrub care, our team is available for weed control, termite and ant removal, pest control, and much more. In addition to eliminating pests that have infested your home, we can also control pests that are in your outdoor space, which can be annoying when you are barbecuing or spending time outside. Our mission is to protect the property of each of our customers by providing a solution that exceeds the confidence entrusted in our team.

When we come to your property for lawn & shrub care, we will start by analyzing and assessing the current state of your grass and other plant life. We can then determine the needs of your plants, whether that includes increasing or decreasing the watering schedule or performing injections and care to improve the health of your palm trees. Our team also performs prevention and other treatment services to keep your plants healthy.