Take Back Your Evening Out on the Deck with Mosquito Control Services

You enjoy an evening out on your deck grilling and relaxing, and you certainly don’t want to be bothered by the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes.  These pests often take the enjoyment away from your evening outdoors.  Take back your evening out on the deck with our mosquito control services at Total Pest Solutions.

Take Back Your Evening Out On The Deck With Mosquito Control Services

Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control in Polk County, FloridaThere are several steps you can take as a homeowner that will help the infestation of mosquitoes from moving into your yard.  Mosquito populations thrive in stagnant water.  We often include items such as birdbaths, flower pots and other yard ornaments that contain standing water in our landscaping, but these are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Best practice to ensure mosquito control is to make sure that standing water isn’t left for long periods of time.  Change water often in birdbaths, pet dishes and swimming pools to keep it fresh.  Watch for areas where water collects after rainstorms or watering your lawn to keep mosquitoes from moving in and becoming an infestation problem.  Keep screens on your windows and doors in good repair to prevent them from invading your home, and consider insect repellant when outdoors to deter them from joining you for your evening out.

We understand the frustration of an evening ruined by mosquitoes, and that’s why we have confidence in our services.  We have specialized treatments that are technologically advanced and specially formulated for mosquito control.   Give us a call today at Total Pest Solutions and regain your uninterrupted evening out by taking advantage of our mosquito control services.