Take These 3 Steps to Prevent Termites from Invading your Home

Termite Control in Winter Haven, FloridaTermites can invade your home without warning, regardless of how long you have lived in it.  To help prevent them from moving in with you, take these 3 preventative steps.

  1. Remove standing water and fix all water leaks inside and out.  Termites thrive in moist, warm areas.  It is best to remove debris and standing water from your rain gutters and spouts.  If you have a water leak inside or out, get it fixed and inspect the area for insect damage.
  1. Don’t stack wood or lumber near your home.  Keeping wood, especially old pieces of wood away from your home will help prevent termites from moving in.  Old lumber especially has the potential of being subject to moisture and can already have a termite infestation.  If you see moisture in your wood, set it in the sun to dry out to help prevent termites from choosing it as their next meal.
  1. If in doubt, have it checked out.  If you have recently moved to a new home or have had water damage and are unsure about the presence of termites, have a termite inspection by a certified, licensed professional.  If a termite infestation is discovered, schedule a termite treatment program immediately.

At Total Pest Solutions, we have the knowledge, tools and expertise that you are looking for to have your home inspected for termites and termite damage.  We have a termite program and full guarantee that your termite problem will be resolved fast and efficiently after the first visit.  Don’t let termites damage your home; call us today!