Don’t want to see, hear or otherwise deal with pests in your Auburndale home? Call us for pest control services you can depend on.

Pest Control Services in Auburndale, Florida
Remember the old adage that went, “Children should be seen, but not heard”? You probably feel that is more pertinent to pests in your home, except that you don’t want to see them, either. In fact, you don’t want them at all! Effective pest control services are necessary to deal with the year-round problem of pests in the Auburndale, Florida area. When you want the most comprehensive service for your home’s interior and exterior, call on us at Total Pest Solutions. As our name states, we take total control over pest control services, so the pests you don’t want to see, hear, or provide housing for are no longer a concern.

Pests in your home are not just a cause for the “heebie-jeebies.” They can also carry disease, damage your belongings and sometimes even undermine your home’s structural integrity. Our comprehensive pest control services include controlling such pests as bed bugs, termites, mosquitos, bees, wasps, cockroaches, ants, fleas, and rodents. We also offer commercial pest control services. By giving attention to both the interior and exterior of your property, we can provide a better barrier against the many pests that want to take up residency.

One thing you’ll love about our pest control services is that we take a non-invasive approach using products that are pet and kid-friendly, so you don’t trade one health concern for another. Our products harm pests, but not your family.

If you would like more information about our pest control services and receive a quote for regular treatments to put an end to your pest issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. With prevention and treatment services, your home will be safe again for the children that you want to see and hear play joyfully instead of squeal about pests.














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