If you are tired watching ants walk across your counters and floors, let us show you how our effective ant control services in the Auburndale area will make a big difference.

Ant Control in Auburndale, Florida
Ants are a very tricky insect to keep from sharing your yard and home. They are very industrious, so it doesn’t take them long to go from a few ants to several ant hives. With stinging fire ants and those tiny crazy acting ants that particularly love kitchens, you can quickly find yourself being pretty miserable. The best way to avoid these scenarios is with the ant control services we offer at Total Pest Solutions. Prevention is key to dealing with ants and keeping on top of them taking over.

We have great success with preventing ants, but we can also eliminate a problem you are currently dealing with. We provide both indoor and outdoor pest control, including ant control, so your home is protected completely. What is even better is that our methods are both people- and pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry that you are swapping one problem for another.

The key to ant control is dealing with the queen of the nest. If you only take out her warriors and workers, she’ll just make more and even faster because she thinks she is under attack. That is why over-the-counter ant control methods fail so dismally. Our proven ant control services are different and will end the ant problem by baiting techniques that trick the workers into essentially killing their queen by taking her something that they thought was food.

If you are tired of the stinging bite of ants or seeing them march across your just-cleaned counters, give us a call and ask about our effective ant control services. We serve the Auburndale, Florida area with effective ant control inside and out.

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