Our bee & wasp controls services can restore your Auburndale home to a “buzz-free” zone again.

Bee & Wasp Control in Auburndale, Florida
Obviously, our eco-system in Auburndale, Florida relies on the work that bees, and to a lesser degree, wasps, contribute. However, that doesn’t mean you want them in places they don’t belong. If you have a bee or wasp problem inside your home, or these stinging insects are making enjoying your outdoor living spaces impossible, call on us at Total Pest Solutions to learn about our bee & wasp control services.

Part of effective bee & wasp control involves identifying the species and the extent of the infestation. These things will dictate how we go about resolving the issue. We communicate our plan of action to you and what steps you may need to take, such as being away from your home for safety reasons while we take care of the initial treatment. We also provide you with advice about anything you should have done to avoid a reoccurrence. This might mean proper sealing of soffit or another access point that will make our bee & wasp control efforts more effective. We also follow up afterward to make sure our bee & wasp control treatment is working like it should and make any adjustments if needed.

Bee & wasp control can be tricky, but we have the experience and determination to rid your home of these stinging insects that can make your life miserable. We have provided a variety of pest control solutions in the area for more than a decade, so you can be confident that we can provide you with the effective bee & wasp control you need to enjoy a “buzz-free” home.

Total Pest Solutions offers quality Bee & Wasp Control in Auburndale, Polk County, Florida and the surrounding areas including Lakeland, Lake Alfred, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City & Davenport.