Thanks to our pest control services in Lakeland, FL, your home will be safe from all kinds of uninvited guests.

Pest Control ServicesPest Control Services in Lakeland – Here in the Lakeland, FL area, we experience a wide range of subtropical climates.  What this means for homeowners is a variety of pests throughout the year.  If you are new to the area, your neighbors will tell you how important a reliable pest control company can be.  Don’t worry about ants sneaking into your kitchen or roaches hiding in your corners.  Thanks to our pest control services, your home will be safe from all kinds of uninvited guests.

Our many pest control services are available as a complete package deal. We check for evidence of pests in your home, locate areas where pests may be getting in, treat your property with non-invasive solutions, and ensure the pests are truly gone.  We work with both residential and commercial property owners in Lakeland to find the perfect answer for all their pest control needs.

We understand that many property owners are concerned with the potential safety concerns that come with treating for pests.  That is why our pest control services start with the safest and most eco-friendly options available.  Our pest solutions are family-friendly and safe for pets.  Because we are dedicated to you and your family, we even provide lawn & shrub care services to help control pests naturally before they become a real problem.

Let us here at Total Pest Solutions help you control the many Florida insects, rodents, and other critters on your property naturally, safely, and effectively.  We take all of your concerns into consideration, and your satisfaction is always our top priority. Contact us today for a complete list of our many pest control services and treatment options.

Total Pest Solutions offers quality pest control services in Lakeland, Florida and the surrounding areas including Polk County, Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City & Davenport, FL!