We have the expertise to handle your ant control needs in Lakeland, FL.

Ant ControlAnt Control in Lakeland – It can be exasperating to deal with ants in your home or around your yard. Does it seem like every time you kill a few, even more take their place? It is not your imagination. Due to the nature of ants, it is likely that you are actually increasing their numbers inadvertently when you use over-the-counter methods to kill them. At Total Pest Solutions, we have the expertise to handle your ant control needs, so their numbers drop instead of increase.

Understanding this phenomenon takes understanding how ants live. Ants live in colonies, each of which has a queen and workers. Some workers spend time in the colony dealing with general housekeeping matters. Others are travelers that go out in search of food to bring back to the colony. The queen is on top of making sure all those in her colony are doing things as they should. In the event that she sends out troops and they don’t return, her instincts tell her that the colony is under attack. Just as a kingdom of old would have done, that calls for reinforcements. For humans, that means more training and perhaps hiring more warriors from surrounding villages. For a queen ant, that means producing more ants, and lots of them. Hence, that is why you’ll find that the ant population you are dealing with actually can grow quite rapidly.

Our ant control methods are designed to take care of the entire colony right at the onset. By taking out the colony and the queen, there is no ability to grow the ranks. So, the next time you see some ants and you are tempted to take them out with a spray can, stop and call us instead. Our ant control services will rid you of them completely before it gets out of control.

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