Termite pest control will help keep your Polk County home free from termite damage.

Termite Pest Control in Polk County, Florida

Termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year to homes all across America.  If you suspect you might have a termite problem, don’t put off termite pest control.  It is absolutely crucial that you get termites taken care of before they cause significant damage to your home. Termites can cause so much damage that your home could become unsafe to live in, and it will cost you thousands of dollars to fix the problem.

There are two main types of termites that are usually found in Polk County, Florida: subterranean termites and drywood termites. Subterranean termites are also called flying termites. They are the more dangerous of the two termites because they can cause the most damage to your home.  They are also the most common type of termite in Polk County. You can tell if you have subterranean termites because they have wings.  They shed their wings after mating, and you can usually see piles of wings on your window sills.  They kind of look like fish scales, and if you notice them, it is a good indicator that you have a termite problem. Subterranean termites also build mud tunnels along the foundation of your home.  Drywood termites are less common than subterranean termites, but still can cause significant damage to your home. They require little moisture to live and usually like to hide in dry places with plenty of dry wood for them to feed on. They often leave fecal matter called frass behind that is easy to spot.

Termites feed off of the wood in your home.  They can eat through doors, walls, furniture, floorboards, window casings, and even baseboards. They can eat away at so much of your home that in some extreme cases, termites can weaken your floors so much that your home could be in danger of collapsing.  It is important that you call us and schedule termite pest control at the first signs of termites, so you can avoid a huge problem.

At Total Pest Solutions, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with a termite problem.  We also know that it can be very hard to tell if you need termite pest control. This is why we offer a free termite inspection for anyone who is wondering if termites are damaging their home.  We will come and inspect your home and property for any signs of termites or termite damage.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to tell if you have any termites in your home.  If we do find termites, we will come up with a plan for termite pest control, so we can get rid of the termites before they cause significant damage to your home. We are so confident that we can take care of your termite problem that our termite pest control services are guaranteed.

If you are looking for an honest, experienced, and reliable company to come out to your Polk County home for termite pest control, contact us at Total Pest Solutions today.  We will come out and inspect your home and property for free.  We will give you a fair price for termite pest control and get rid of your termite problem for good.  Don’t wait until termites cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in your home; call us today!