If you’re like most of us then there is no doubt that pests in your house make your skin crawl. You may be wondering what exactly attracts pests to your home, whether they are cockroaches, rodents, ants, or even bees and wasps. If you’re finding your at-home remedies are just not doing the trick then the next step is to understand exactly why these pests are entering your home as unwanted housemates.

There is, of course, the option of giving us a call to take care of these pest issues for you. However, in the spirit of prevention, lets review 5 reasons as to why pests find your home so attractive.



The top reason any pest makes their way into your home is food. If you find you are having a recurring pest problem, take a look around the problem areas and see what types of food may be attracting the critters. Even a clean house can still have tidbits here and there that attract unwanted guests. Sweet foods like sugar in paper packaging, and crackers in cardboard packages, no matter how heavy duty, will always be a point of attraction for rodents, who can easily nibble through paper and cardboard to find themselves a sweet treat.

When it comes to insects, even the smallest crumbs will continue to attract them to your home. And let’s face it, none of us are 100% perfect at preventing crumbs from falling in behind our appliances. So along with keeping a tidy kitchen and removing all leftovers to the trash, it’s a good idea to lay down a scent barrier for insects like ants, to throw them off the trail and discourage re-entry.




The one thing we don’t typically consider when facing a pest problem is the fact that these critters need water just as much as we do. Excessive humidity, leaky pipes, and overall dampness in the home can bring about a continuous pest problem. If you find your home has high humidity, try implementing a dehumidifier, and ensure all your pipes are working correctly without any leaks.



A cluttered home will provide adequate shelter for pests. This is the third biggest reason for a home invasion. Insects and rodents alike each need food, water, and shelter. If your home provides all three of these without any type of preventative measures then you are guaranteed to see one type of pest or another enter your home.

Pests enjoy dark, undisturbed areas for shelter. So if you have a lot of clutter that is gathering dust, it may be time for some spring cleaning.

Holes, Cracks and Damaged Screens


Much like clutter, any holes or cracks in the wall will provide a safe haven for pests. Since these areas are often undisturbed simply due to the fact that we can’t reach them, they are typically a go-to place for pest housing.

When it comes to entering your home, most insects and rodents will always find a way via holes, cracks and especially damaged screens. However, despite this, there are things that you can do to prevent unwanted guests from slipping in. Finding these entrance points and patching them up will be the first step, along with placing a scent barrier for insects to deter them from entering.

Most larger insects like cockroaches and rodents like mice and chipmunks can fit into holes as small as a quarter. So ensuring these are patched up will help prevent an infestation.

Aside from the larger pests, a damaged screen is the ideal entrance for insects like mosquitoes. Even a fully functional screen that has not been completely closed will pose the same threat as a damaged screen. So when opening and closing door screens and window screens, ensure they are fully closed.


Final Thoughts


If you are experiencing a pest problem then don’t hesitate to give us a call right here at Total Pest Solutions Our experts will review the problem areas and discuss a full treatment plan to prevent the pests from becoming an infestation.