If you’re one of those individuals who spends less than 5 minutes outdoors and suddenly finds you have already received multiple mosquito bites, then you’re not alone. Many individuals seem to be targets of these blood-sucking pests more so than others. The fact is, there is just something about you that attracts mosquitos. Keep in mind that only female mosquitoes bite, and the reason for this biting habit is to gorge themselves on a blood meal so that they can lay eggs and bring forth a new generation of mosquitos for the next week. To help avoid detection, follow these tips.


Mosquitoes Go By Smell

You may be surprised to learn that one thing that attracts mosquitoes to certain individuals is their natural scent. This can be in combination with genetics, along with the amount of carbon dioxide you are releasing. Mosquitoes are also highly attracted by movement, so if you’re out and about and notice quite a few mosquitoes buzzing around, consider relaxing and keeping your breathing at a normal rate, and avoid excess activities that may have you breathing hard or sweating.


Stay Covered

One of the best repellents around is lightly colored clothing, and a good mosquito repellent. Brands such as DEET have one of the best long-lasting ingredients that will mask your scent from mosquitoes, making you invisible to their senses. Try to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect your extremities and be sure to spray any area of your body that may be exposed.


Hide With A Fan

Another great way to ‘hide’ from mosquitoes is to sit right in front of a fan. This breeze will move your fragrance away, making it all the harder for mosquitoes to find you. The strength of the fan may additionally push these slow fliers away from you if they do happen to lock in on your location and try to get close. Best of all, in the summer heat, a fan is always welcome.


Remove The Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water and live their first 10 days of life within the same water. If you can find these locations and remove them, you will greatly reduce the mosquito population around your home. Mosquitoes are able to lay 300 eggs in one batch after a single feeding. Most areas of stagnant water include garden pots, containers with pooled water, gutters, and leaky pipes.

So when you’re out and about keep an eye out for any stagnant water and dump it out. Preventing any type of unwanted water collection by ensuring pots are overturned or on their side will go a long way in helping lower the population.

Hire a Professional

Despite our best efforts in these do it yourself options for prevention of being bitten, there are times where you’re going to need a helping hand from an expert. Consider hiring a professional from Total Pest Solutions where we will come to your home and asses the situation. We can provide you with routine lawn treatment to keep the mosquito population knocked down. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, pest free.