Have you ever woken up to itchy skin or small welts? If you have, you might have bed bugs. Bed bugs, though they do not carry diseases, are still a nuisance. They’re very small, flat insects which make it easy for them to slip in to mattresses and couches. From there, they can lay eggs and increase in number. Bed bugs rely on blood to survive, and since you sleep on your mattress nightly, their supply is endless with you receiving constant bites. Not only are you in danger, but so are members of your family and any pets you might have. It’s easy for a bed bug to travel from one room to the other – all they have to do is cling to your clothes until arriving to a new destination before another infestation grows. Bed bugs live in both clean and dirty conditions, so keeping your home clean will not prevent them from entering your home.

If you find yourself with bed bugs, please call us immediately. At Total Pest Solutions, we offer a variety of treatment options and great customer service, so you never feel like a stranger. We take care of our customers and are available in Polk County, Florida and the surrounding areas. Bed bugs are nothing to laugh at, and we guarantee that we will eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently so that you and your loved ones can rest easy at night and wake in the morning, bite-free. Give us a call today!