Bees Causing You Pain? Consider Bee Control

//Bees Causing You Pain? Consider Bee Control

Bees Causing You Pain? Consider Bee Control

For some people, a bee sting is a momentary painful experience. For others, it can be life threatening. The problem is that if you have never been stung, you aren’t really sure which category you fall into. Obviously bees provide a vital service in our ecosystem. Mankind couldn’t exist without their pollinating services, but that doesn’t mean you need them harassing you when you are trying to enjoy your living spaces.

Bee control is a service that institutes a plan for deterring bees from the area you do not wish them to be in. Bees can be relocated if they have set up a hive nearby or encouraged to swarm to a new location on their own. The thing you do not want to do is try to exterminate them. Not only will that get you attacked, but we really do truly need bees in the world, and the loss of even one hive should be avoided.

If you do not know if you have bees or wasps, it is best to call a professional bee control company to determine which is present and deal with removing the threat for you. Florida is also a suitable habitat for Africanized honey bees, which are incredibly aggressive and have been found in some areas. If you try to deal with these, it can be life-threatening, as the entire hive will attack, and they are not known to stop the chase willingly.

If you are considering bee control, we strongly advise you to call us at Total Pest Solutions. We know how to ascertain the type of bee or wasp that is found on your Polk County, Florida property and develop a plan for bee control that considers the bees, as well as your family.

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