What’s the first impression a customer might have upon visiting your business? The view from the street can influence the customer’s idea of you and your business even before they’ve come through the front door. Just like your home, landscaping can be one of the most important aspects of curb appeal, and a lush, verdant expanse of lawn is able to welcome visitors like nothing else.

Maintaining your lawn and landscaping in peak form can take time you’d rather be spending on your actual business. Wouldn’t you rather focus on your strengths as a business, and leave the commercial lawn care to the professionals?

Just as you are a professional in your field, at Total Pest Solutions we’re professionals in pest remedies – many of which relate directly to your lawn. To this end, we offer commercial lawn care to our neighbor businesses as a way to help you put your best professional foot forward. Ants, ticks, and other pests you would never want inside your business are often attracted initially to the green space of a lawn. We time our pest control solutions and fertilization to the proper time of year, so that you get the greenest lawn for your dollar. We’re specially trained to look for whatever might be ailing your lawn, and want to work with you to make sure your lawn stays as green and healthy as possible between treatments. We’re well aware of the specific climate and soil needs of landscaping in Florida, and want to give you the best commercial lawn care you could desire. Give Total Pest Solutions a call today!