Eliminating Bed Bug Infestations

//Eliminating Bed Bug Infestations

Eliminating Bed Bug Infestations


Bed bugs are not something you want in your home. Unfortunately, they are small and flat and easy to escape notice as they cling to mattresses, carpets, and other furniture. When given the opportunity they will bite whoever comes near, drink their blood until full, and then wander away to digest their meal. No members of the family are safe, and although they prefer humans, they will also suck the blood of dogs or cats. Because they are good reproducers, it is hard to eliminate these pests even once their bites are identified, and their presence is known.

If only one female escapes treatment she can make up to 500 eggs; therefore, it is important to do a thorough and effective job at treating bed bugs the first time around. Treatment will depend on just how many bugs are present as well as the infected area itself. If there is a lot of surrounding clutter as well as possibly neighbors who are experiencing an infestation as well, these will hinder the ability of individuals to treat bed bugs successfully.

First and foremost, these insects must be seen and identified. Look at affected areas to get an idea of just how many creatures are present and the seriousness of the situation. It is also important not to make matters worse and to contain the infestation if at all possible. Anything taken out of the room needs to be put in protective bags for treatment. Vacuums used must be emptied entirely with contents thrown outside.

A home must then be made ready so that treatments may be applied. Get rid of surrounding clutter which may further disguise bugs and give them an ideal place to hide. However, don’t move things between rooms to risk further infestation without proper containment. Then pick up everything off the ground, such as magazines, clothing, or boxes.

Pull the bed away from the walls and remove everything underneath it. Put bed-bug-proof covers on the mattress and boxspring so that when zipped up, they will starve the insects inside and keep others from hiding. Bedding should not make contact with the floor but be tucked up under the mattress. Bed bug interceptors under table legs will also help by trapping insects and preventing them from reaching the bed.

Pick off all bugs, eggs, and larvae that can be found from all areas, including nearby furniture and heat-treat bed and clothing. In addition to hot, cold, and steam cleaning measures, individuals with bedbug infestations may consider the use of pesticides. Bug bombs must be utilized correctly, as they are dangerous and may explode. Desiccants or drying agents may also effectively kill the bugs but require time. The wisest choice is to call a professional.

A pest control company can recommend the best treatment procedures and will know how to use them in ways that are both safe and effective. Usually, several methods are combined so that bugs are eliminated at each stage of their life cycle. Bed bugs are a difficult problem to solve, and a professional’s advice and expertise will come in handy during their eradication. Learn more about how to prepare for professional bed bug treatment.

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