Five Biggest Myths about Spiders

Spiders are pretty misunderstood creatures. They have a reputation for being creepy and vicious hunters. And, sure, they are certainly predators… But that’s not all they are. They’re a valuable part of the ecosystem. Despite their perfectly ordinary – And helpful – Nature, people are still freaked out by them. We get it. They’ve got all these long-looking legs, itty bitty fangs, and many eyes… They don’t move anything close to the way we do. They’re spooky!

And spooky things tend to attract a lot of rumors. Now, you’ve probably heard the old rumor that we eat eight spiders a year in our sleep. People believed this one for a while, and while most people know it’s fake now, there are still some tall tales that persist. A lot of what we take for granted about spiders is completely wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the most persistent today.

Myth: Spiders are insects

Reality: Spiders are not insects, but we get why people would make that assumption. They are actually arachnids, eight-legged creatures rather than six-legged like insects. The other biggest difference is in how spider bodies are arranged. Arachnids have two body segments; insects have three.

Myth: Spiders go inside to get away from the cold

Reality: Sure, it could happen sometimes, but most spiders that live outdoors stay outdoors. The spiders in your home tend to be specially adapted to life in human homes. They seek our geometric corners and feed on pests we’re likely to have inside. If you “release” one of these indoor spiders into the wild, they won’t be able to survive.

Myth: Tarantulas are Deadly

Reality: Every year, around two and a half million people pass away in the United States. How many of those do you think are from tarantulas? Zero. Exactly zero. There has not been a single verifiable death from a tarantula bite in all recorded history. That includes allergic reactions. In fact, even our spiders aren’t very deadly. There are only around seven spider-related deaths per year. That said, if a black widow bites your child, please seek medical care immediately.

Myth: Spiders are aggressive

Reality: This one relates a bit to the last myth. People like to exaggerate about spiders a lot. Aggression is one of the biggest exaggerations. Even spiders tending their nests will eventually flee. Spiders would rather run than bite you, and if they sense a human anywhere nearby they’ll do everything they can to avoid you. With the little hairs on their bodies, they can sense something huge is nearby. Sometimes spiders can be seen running towards you. This is because most spiders have poor eyesight. They see you casting a shadow and think your foot is something to hide under. They are so much more afraid of you than you are of them.

Final Myths about Spiders: You have to live with them

Reality: A properly sealed, clean home won’t attract insects. Every species of spider relies on insects for survival – Well, mostly. There are a couple of omnivorous spiders and one jumping spider that eats leaves… But for the most part, spiders need meat to live. So if there are no bugs in your house, the spiders won’t be there either.

You can visit our website to learn all the ways insects sneak into your home. If you have a spider problem, give us a call. We’ll get rid of the bugs they’re eating, and take care of the spiders, too.

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