If you are looking for a potential solution to your ongoing cockroach infestation, then you have come to the right place! There are a number of steps you can take to get this problem under control. In fact, you can completely rid yourself of cockroaches in just 7 days. These pests can pose a number of health risks.

No fluff. No long-winded explanation. We know how important pest control is so let’s just get right down to it!

Day 1: Place Bait Traps

Invest in some professional grade bait stations and go ahead and get them out! The more bait you use, the more effective it will be so make sure you have it strategically places around your home. We want to go ahead and get these nasty pests to start spreading this poison back to their nest.

Day 2: Apply Boric Acid

Consider sprinkling boric acid in high volume locations too. Since it takes time for them to spread these things back to their nest, we want to start treatment quickly.

Apply the acid inside of your garbage bin and repeat every night for a full week.

Place boric acid around baseboards, creating a barrier of pure death that will keep them from escaping.

Day 3: Search for Attractors

Search your home for anything that might be attracting these roaches. Exposed food storage and clutter are the two most common issues.  These only have to be present to serve as an attractor. Right now, identify and make a list of attractors.

Day 4: Eliminate Attractors

Fix every issue you listed on the previous day. Place dried goods into airtight containers. For instance, cereal should be stored in a plastic container rather than the box it comes in. By the end of day 4, you should have removed all of the attractive things that are drawing roaches into your home.

Day 5: Use Repellents to Keep New Cockroaches from Joining their Friends

Now that we’ve managed to get the population under control, we need to take steps to prevent new cockroaches from coming into your home. The best way to do this is to make it unappealing. Place repellants around your home. I recommend you try all types so that you make sure your home is an inhospitable environment.

Day 6: Reduce Food and Water Sources

You cannot completely eliminate this but you can reduce it significantly! Wash your dishes every night since dirty dishes provide food for roaches. Clean up spills immediately.

  • Also make sure you take out the garbage every night. Cover all leftover food, even if it’s placed in your refrigerator.
  • Sweep and vacuum daily.
  • Reduce all water sources possible. Fix leaky pipes as soon as they are discovered. Cover all drains at night.

Day 7: Keep your House Clean

By this point, the roaches should be all but eliminated. You just need to make sure they do not come back. Do your best to maintain a proper cleaning schedule. Clean up all clutter so you’re not providing a place for cockroaches to hide.

You can also try installing electronic insect repelling systems. They are not foolproof but they do help as long as you have followed every step in this post.