How Outdoor Pest Control Can Save Your Yard

//How Outdoor Pest Control Can Save Your Yard

How Outdoor Pest Control Can Save Your Yard

Outdoor pest control is crucial when it comes to keeping your yard looking nice. There are many different types of pests that attack lawns and the shrubbery and trees surrounding it, and you’ll be fighting a losing battle if you only tend to the needs of your plants without eliminating the pests that are attacking them.

A brown, patchy lawn is easy to spot, but the culprit responsible for making it that way is not as easy to figure out. Many times, homeowners are frustrated that their yards don’t seem to be responding to the watering and fertilizing they are doing, and they don’t realize that they are attacking the problem from the wrong angle. Often lawn pests show up as brown, patchy lawns, and no amount of fertilizer is going to make it look any better. Usually, a pest is involved and needs to be eradicated before the lawn will begin to respond to treatments.

There are various tests you can do to figure out what type of pest is invading your yard. For example, you can do a drench test, where you pour a bucket of soapy water on your lawn and see what bugs surface. Another one is a the float test, where you remove the top and bottom of a can, push the can a few inches deep into your lawn, and then fill it with water to see what bugs float to the top. With both of these tests, if there is a large amount of bugs, or if you see pests you can’t identify, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals. Our pros in the outdoor pest control business will have the tools and know-how to get the pests out of your lawn before the damage becomes too great.

At Total Pest Solutions, we are able to identify the type of pests invading your yard and set up a treatment plan to get the pests out of your yard. Our outdoor pest control services will have your yard back to looking green and healthy in no time.

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