How to Avoid Thanksgiving Pests

Now tell me – When you think of Thanksgiving, what’s the first thing you think of? Chances are it’s the feeling of warmth and comfort as a family gathers around the table, the sound of laughter and stories being told, kids running around, pets making noise… Or maybe it’s the food – Hearty mashed potatoes, juicy turkey right from the bone, or fresh pumpkin pie. It’s a one-of-a-kind holiday, where you can forget most of your diet, kick back, and relax without a worry in the world… Right? The last thing anyone thinks of is Thanksgiving Pests.

Thanksgiving boils down to a unique situation where humans huddle together and eat many really good, sweet, savory things altogether. This makes it a unique opportunity – Pests like to do the same thing: Huddle together in a nice, warm home and chow down on all sorts of goodies. There is no better place for a bug than inside your home after Thanksgiving. Rodents will gladly occupy the spaces you neglect… And while many insects do just fine thanks to antifreeze in their blood, they’d much rather crawl inside. After the festivities die down, and before they get started, you’ll want to be mindful of what you can do to avoid unwanted guests at your celebration.

Why Do Pests Go Inside?

We’ve already mentioned that they prefer the indoors, and it can be pretty easy to imagine why – But is there a biological reason for insects to head indoors? As it turns out, there is. During the winter months, food resources are limited. They go into a sort of ‘battery saver’ mode called diapause. This lets them live with far less food because their bodies are eating themselves. As you might suspect, they don’t really ‘like’ to do this. If food presents itself, they’ll still be active all winter.

How to Prevent Thanksgiving Pests

Here is a list of a few handy tips to cut down on pest populations moving in with you, especially during Thanksgiving celebrations.

  1. Keep your trash sealed! Flip-top lids are very convenient but also very easy for insects to crawl in and out of.
  2. Put the food in your cabinet into hard plastic containers. This locks in the scent of food which could attract insects or rodents.
  3. Vacuum as soon as you’re done at the table! You just dropped some crumbs, guarantee it. Those morsels are full meals for hungry insects.
  4. When throwing away old fruit or vegetables, seal them in a plastic bag first. This locks in the scent and prevents opportunistic insects from getting at it to lay eggs.
  5. Clean around, behind, and under fridges, ovens, and other food-heavy appliances.
  6. Only have pet food out when it’s feeding time. Seal it in plastic containers for storage if you can.
  7. After your guests depart, keep an eye out for a few days. Suppose you notice any bites or rashes somebody may have brought a bed bug or ten with their luggage. It happens!

Last Words

Hopefully, by following these simple guidelines, you can avoid having any unwanted guests show up and overstay their welcome. However, if you find that things have gotten out of hand or you start seeing bed bugs or their bites after the holiday visits are over, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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