Mosquitos are responsible for the death of over 700,000 people every year so they are definitely the most dangerous insect on the planet. Statistically speaking, they are the most deadly creature on the planet! These tiny creatures carry with them very dangerous diseases – diseases that are easily transferrable!

There is certainly less to worry about in the United States where we use extensive mosquito control methods to keep these insects at bay, but they are still dangerous. Some diseases carried by mosquitos are West Nile, malaria, and even yellow fever! These diseases can be brought back by individuals who travel to another country and then return with infested mosquitos. Then those diseases are spread to other mosquitos.

Keep Mosquitos Out of the Home

As you can see, mosquitos are quite dangerous so you absolutely must keep them out of your home. Installing screens on your doors and windows is the first line of protection. Next, you need to make sure that weather stripping is in good condition since mosquitos can crawl past damages stripping.

Keep your doors closed in the morning and evening since these are the times mosquitos thrive. If you need fresh air, then install a screen door. If you have children, make sure they understand how important it is to keep the doors closed.

Avoid Bites While Enjoying Your Property

Mosquitos might be able to fly, but they are not very good at it. That’s why you won’t see very many of them on a windy day. If you are outside on a non-windy day, consider using a fan to create an artificial breeze. This is a great natural deterrent without the need for pesticides.

Note: Do not install zappers on your property. Newer studies have shown that these zappers attract more mosquitos onto your property.

Get rid of any standing water on or near your property. These will serve as a breeding site for mosquitos! The fewer breeding sites they have, the fewer bites you’ll get.

Avoid Bites While Enjoying Nature

Mosquito repellant is still going to be the most effective method for keeping them at bay while you are exploring nature. Try to use repellants that use all natural products and stay away from poisons.

If mosquitos are really bad where you’re going, then wear long sleeves and pants so that less of your skin is exposed.

Mosquitos also use dark silhouettes to prey on their target so you can avoid them by wearing light colors. This keeps them from being able to lock onto your position.

Avoid Mosquitos at All Costs When Traveling!

When you’re in other countries, mosquitos will be far more dangerous that they are in the United States. You can potentially catch diseases like malaria and Zika. Make sure you take extra precautions when you‘re in another country. You can find more information by checking out the CDC website.

Do not take mosquitos lightly. They can be deadly if you ignore the problem. There is no reason to put your family at unnecessary risk when you can take steps to prevent it.