Cockroach control is essential to maintaining a sanitary environment. Cockroaches carry numerous diseases that threaten the health of humans by spreading disease to our food, food preparation areas, dishes, and eating utensils. They aren’t just a gross bug; their presence can literally make you sick. Our first approach for cockroach control is often to buy a can of over-the-counter bug spray and saturate any place we’ve seen a cockroach, but this is not the best way to go about killing the roaches and can even make the problem worse because cockroaches will scatter and find new hiding places to avoid the poison.

The first step in good cockroach control is to remove their food source. Even if it’s clean, your home is a perfect breeding ground for roaches. There is food, water, warmth, and ideal hiding places to build their nests. You can help make the environment less hospitable by keeping food stored in airtight containers and keeping your counters wiped and floors swept.

The next step is to figure out how the roaches are getting into your home and sealing off passageways if possible. It’s impossible to succeed 100% at this because there will always be crevasses you can’t get to or drains that need to stay open for the home to function, but finding and sealing as many openings as possible will help.

As you look for places of entry in your home, take note of the specific areas in which you see signs of cockroaches, as these areas should be treated with pesticides. Figuring out where to apply a pesticide is key in cockroach control. Cockroaches don’t wander far from their nests, so in order for the pesticide to be effective, it will have to be applied near their home. Our technicians will be able to help identify likely areas of cockroach nests and recommend where and how to apply treatments.

Selecting an appropriate pesticide is also crucial to treating a cockroach infestation. Different cockroaches respond to different pesticides, and your technician will be able to identify which will work best in your case.

Cockroach control will often take several treatments and weeks of time to get under control. Our team at Total Pest Solutions is here to help walk you through the process and get your home cockroach-free as quickly as possible.