Four Things Your Exterminator Wants You to Know

Exterminator As your exterminator, we want to help you keep pests and rodents away from your home. However, to ensure your satisfaction with our solutions, there are a few things we want you to know about pest control.

  1. Cleanliness and Pest Problems Aren’t Always Related. As an exterminator, we see many homeowners confused as to why they have problems with bugs, even though they keep their home spotless. Although filth does attract bugs, in most cases, bugs will still find a reason to come into your home, even if it’s clean.
  2. Moisture Creates a Paradise for Pests. Damp basements, garages, leaking pipes, and other areas where there’s an excess of moisture often attract pests. To keep your pest problem from getting out of hand, we strongly encourage you to keep moisture-prone areas on your property as dry as possible.
  3. Pest Control is a Continual Effort. Our pest control solutions can make a big difference in the number of pests that infiltrate your property. However, in most cases, one application won’t take care of the entire problem. We encourage you to keep in mind that mitigating pest problems takes time and consistent effort.
  4. We Need Your Help. In many cases, controlling pest problems is a cooperative effort. As your exterminator, we strongly encourage you to follow our advice and suggestions. For example, if we determine that mice are getting through a hole in your foundation, our solutions combined with sealing that hole may be able to eradicate the issue once and for all.