In the Face of a Full-Blown Infestation, You’ll Need Professional Rodent Control

rodent controlRats can transmit a number of diseases that can affect humans and pets. They have destructive feeding habits, and their nesting behavior can seriously compromise the structure of an infested building. But they are secretive creatures, and when a population is low, they’re not readily visible. As such, it may be difficult to determine when you need rodent control.

The most obvious symptom of an infestation is the presence of living or dead rats. Given enough space, rats prefer to hide. So if you can observe them in plain sight, then it’s likely that you have an infestation. When rats have limited space due to an increasing population, they are forced into the open. Droppings may also be present, indicating happy, healthy inhabitants.

Rats tend to leave grease marks or dirt along floorboards and walls. They incessantly gnaw on materials, such as wood and plastic, so the presence of large holes or damaged materials in walls and floorboards are telltale signs of an infestation. Their teeth marks are rough and large in appearance.

In the event of a full-blown infestation, always consult with a professional rodent control company. While various DIY traps are available, these only address individual offenders. They are not suitable in the face of an infestation. Moreover, rats are suspicious of unfamiliar objects in their foraging paths, so many traps are ineffective.

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