Our pest control services can also include removing rodents from your Lake Alfred, FL property

In Lake Alfred, Florida, the humid climate results in a higher number of bugs that live in the area. Many homeowners and business owners complain of infestations of ants, termites, cockroaches, and more, but this isn’t a problem you have to ignore. Instead, call our pest control services team at Total Pest Solutions. We provide treatment to control of all types of bugs, both indoors and outdoors, to keep your home clean and free from these annoying invaders.

In addition to treating colonies of insects, our pest control services can also include removing rodents. If this is a problem you are struggling with, give us a call, and we can come out and provide you with a solution for this frustrating issue. Infestations of bed bugs have drastically increased in homes around the country, and they can cause pain and irritation to those sleeping in the infested home. Instead of using minimal treatments that only kill a few of the bugs, call us to schedule a treatment that will eliminate the bugs completely.

At Total Pest Solutions, your satisfaction is our top priority. We will create a pest control services plan that is customized to your specific needs. All of our products are child- and pet-friendly, yet effective at removing pests and leaving you with a home that is more comfortable and pleasant. Our technicians can also provide ongoing preventative pest control services to avoid future infestations.