Pest Control: What You May Be Trying That Won’t Work

//Pest Control: What You May Be Trying That Won’t Work

Pest Control: What You May Be Trying That Won’t Work

Doing your own pest control can be a risky proposition and may not save you the money you were hoping for in the long run. In addition, there are a few things you may be trying that won’t work and could make your problem even worse. Here are the most common mistakes that many DIY pest control homeowners make.

  • Improper use of mouse traps. There are two mistakes you may be making with mouse traps. The first is improper placement. If you put them in the middle of a room, there is a good chance they won’t be found. Mice more commonly travel parallel and close to walls, rather than scampering across a room. You should put them near the wall instead, with the bait side facing the wall. It is also a good bet that if you put the traps where you’ve seen the mice or found their droppings, they will stand a better chance at being effective. Also, be sure not to overload the bait. You only need a small amount. If you use mouse traps incorrectly, your mice will be thanking you for the treat!
  • OTC ant spray. Spraying ants that you find in your home with over the counter (OTC) ant sprays is about the worst thing you can do to combat an ant problem. There are a few reasons for this. First it does more to scatter the ants and drive them into other areas. You’ll only kill the ones you hit, but the residual product disrupts the ants and leads them to find other areas to hang out. You’ve just taken your ants in one room to ants in your entire home. Furthermore, ants live in a colony, and the ones you see are hunting for food to take back to all their friends. When a fair amount of ants do not return to the colony, it signals the queen that the colony is under attack and she responds by producing even more “warriors”. Bait is more effective than spray because the product is taken back to the nest, where it can eliminate the entire colony.
  • Spot tactics. If you only treat what you see, you will miss the majority of the pests you need to eliminate. For example, if you treat your mattress for bed bugs but don’t check the box springs, pillows, and other hiding places, they won’t be eliminated.

If you have been battling a pest control issue unsuccessfully, we welcome you to call us at Total Pest Solutions. We understand that unique pest control issues in the Polk County, Florida area and have the techniques and products to get pests out of your home and off your property. Call us today for an estimate for any of our pest control services.

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