Should I Do My Own Pest Control?

//Should I Do My Own Pest Control?

Should I Do My Own Pest Control?

Owning a home means managing a plan for what you will do yourself and what you will hire out. Each task should be weighed based on a variety of considerations, including expertise, necessary materials and tools, dangers, and how much time you have available. When making the decision about doing your own pest control, this same method should be followed.

  • Expertise – Do you know how to recognize various pests and have the knowledge about what methods work best for each? Do you fully understand the chemicals to be used, how to use them safely, and how to store the leftovers? If you lack expertise in any of these areas, you’ll either need to educate yourself or you may want to leave pest control to a professional.
  • Materials – It isn’t just about learning which chemicals to use. Do you have the space to store them, and will they be safe from accidental ingestion by children or pets? Also consider the costs involved and whether you will be able to obtain the ones you need. Some chemicals are only available for professional use.
  • Equipment – You will need the proper equipment, including application tools, eye protection, and proper clothing. You’ll also need a place to store these safely.
  • Dangers – The least of the dangers is that your pest control efforts won’t work or even exacerbate the problem, leading to a huge infestation. Mishandling of chemicals can lead to tragic results. Do not try to do your own pest control if you haven’t weighed the dangers and can take the necessary steps to safeguard you, your family, and your pets.
  • Time – It is time-consuming to handle your own pest control. You need to learn the processes, shop for the materials, and then conduct the pest control. It may be sometimes inconvenient to wait on an exterminator, but it should save you plenty of time overall.

If you have weighed the various factors and have decided that doing your own pest control doesn’t make sense to you, give us a call at Total Pest Solutions. You can count on us for effective and safe pest control for indoors and outdoors. We have a vast knowledge of the various pests in Polk County, Florida and access to the safest and most effective pest control products. We’ll free you up to handle those other DIY projects you are more comfortable doing.

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