Are you always on the lookout for the best tips and solutions for weed control?  There are several ways to ensure that your lawn is beautiful and weed-free, but it often takes time and tact to tackle weed problems and have a beautiful lawn.  At Total Pest Solutions, we are here to get you in the right direction to having that beautiful lawn.

It all begins with taking a walk.  The first signs of a weed problem are generally when patchy spots in your grass begin to form.  The grass generally gives way to the growing weed and begins to thin.  Catching it early and removing the weed while young is one of the best forms of weed control.  Be sure when pulling the weed from your grass that you pull the root; this ensures that it doesn’t create a runner or split root that creates a second growing point.  This is done easiest after a good rainfall or shortly following a good watering.

In addition to tackling weeds as they grow, good maintenance of your lawn will ensure that it stays healthy and weed-free.  Constant, loving care, such as keeping it at the correct height, setting a good watering schedule, and ensuring that you fertilize on time, will keep your lawn thriving and help you keep weeds under control.

When it comes to weed control for your lawn, our team at Total Pest Solutions knows that every yard is different, and we can advise you with the application and individual fertilizing needs of your yard, ensuring that your lawn gets the care it needs, when it needs it.  Give us a call today!