Fleas in your house are an unavoidable part of pet ownership. These tiny pests feed on organic matter, and although they live outdoors in grass, they cling onto any warm-blooded creature that passes by. That’s how they get into homes.

Adult fleas bite humans and animals and pose specific risks to infants. If a baby is bitten multiple times from fleas in the house, the wounds can easily become infected, and he or she will need an antibiotic. Because babies crawl or lie on floors that may be infested with fleas, they are much more susceptible to bites than adults. If you see a series of raised bumps on your baby, you should be concerned.

There are ways to determine if the bumps are actually flea bites. Firstly, they should be small and clustered in a group of 2 or 3 bites. If the infestation is severe, there will be numerous clusters. Typically, the bites are around the ankle or knee joints.

As the baby scratches and opens the skin around the bites, infection can occur. To prevent infections from fleas in the house, parents should trim the baby’s nails and thoroughly wash the bites with mild soap and water. Also, to ease itching and reduce swelling, use a cool compress. The next thing to do is contact a pest control company so the problem doesn’t happen again.

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