What Can Be Done About Mosquito Control?

//What Can Be Done About Mosquito Control?

What Can Be Done About Mosquito Control?

Nothing drives you back inside the house as much as a mosquito infestation around your property. These annoying bugs not only leave you with a red, itchy bump after feeding on you, but they can transmit diseases, as well.  Fortunately, there is a lot you can do in regards to mosquito control.

To make your property as inhospitable as possible, limit the mosquitos’ breeding habitat. Mosquitoes require water to breed, so eliminating any standing water on your property is imperative to mosquito control. Common locations of standing water include the saucers under flower pots, pet water dishes, underneath a drain spout, ornamental pools, the bottom of trash and recycle bins, watering cans, lawn decorations and many others. A good habit to get into is to walk around your property twice a week and dump out any standing water you see. You should also watch your yard for any water that accumulates after rainstorms and doesn’t drain within a couple days. You might need to do some landscaping to prevent water buildup in your yard.

To make your property less hospitable for the adult mosquito population, keep your lawn trimmed and weeds pulled. Mosquitoes rest during the day on tall grass and weeds, so keeping these trimmed will help with mosquito control. Other than that, you mostly have to rely on insecticides for adult mosquito control. Insecticides have proven to be very beneficial at keeping the bugs at bay, though treatment needs to be repeated periodically.

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