If you notice fleas in house, this is a sure sign you have a flea problem. Adult fleas account for only about 5-10% of any flea population, so the adult fleas are only an indicator of a much larger problem. Fleas are parasites, meaning they live off of the blood of mammals. Most often, fleas in house are brought in from pets like dogs and cats, and sometimes from unwanted rodents like mice that find their way into your home.

The first step to getting rid of fleas in house is to treat the animal that brought them in in the first place, if possible. Often it’s the family dog or cat that will need to be treated for flea removal. As a preventative measure, it helps to frequently bathe and groom your pets to remove any fleas that get attached to them.

Next you’ll need to attempt to physically remove as many fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and pupae as possible. They will typically be found on the host’s bedding and along any frequently walked path your pet might take. Flea eggs are laid on the host, but fall off easily when the host moves around, so anywhere your pet might travel in your home could contain fleas. Washing all bedding and vacuuming all floors and furniture will remove a substantial amount of fleas.

No flea treatment is complete without chemical treatments from your local pest control agent. There is no way to physically remove all fleas, so chemicals are recommended to kill off any you can’t get to. Even after you have been treated by pest control, it’s recommended to continue vacuuming and washing your home and grooming your pet frequently for several weeks to dispose of as many fleas as possible.

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