Most homeowners know that termites cause huge and costly problems. As they gain access to a building, the insects will burrow within its wood-based structure to both weaken and destroy the materials holding it together. Though in time termites may be capable of completely destroying a home, they are usually discovered before damage extends anywhere near that far. However, it is common for the cost of repairs to still reach thousands of dollars. Further, it is generally excluded from most insurance policies, making fixing a home following an infestation a financial blow for most.

Termites destroy a home by eating away at its wood-based frame, forming hollow tunnels within it and reducing its structural integrity. There are often two approaches to fixing wood damage of this type. One of these is to replace all affected areas with new material while the other is to add another wood support next to any damaged areas. The second option is the most cost-effective. To repair such damage typically costs homeowners around $3000 in repairs. However, this is somewhat variable based on just how bad the damage was and what specifically was eaten.

Beyond structural repairs, some cosmetic damage may also require fixing. Although not integral to the functioning of a home and they will not lead to a floor or ceiling collapsing, such things as sheetrock discoloration, destroyed carpets, ruined furniture, peeling paint, or buckling floors are unsightly. These may increase the costs of termite damage by around an additional $2000. Again, this may be more expensive for some than others depending on the quality of materials that were damaged as well as what they are being replaced with; for example, wood flooring will be much pricier than tile.

Professional exterminating services must be called before repairs can be made. Professional pest control can eliminate the termites and the source of the problem but will charge for chemical or bait-based treatments as well as labor and service. It may also be a good idea to ask inspectors to implement various preventative measures so that future infestations do not occur and to avoid the future costs associated with them. Only after exterminating the pests and reducing the chances of their return should any repairs be made. Overall, the fees for termite removal should be roughly between $4 and $7 for every linear foot of a home. The exact treatment applied as well as the specific approach used will impact overall cost.

Termites can eat away and tunnel through the wooden structures that hold a house together. In time, this may lead to ceiling or floor collapse and unattractive peeling and buckling of walls and floors. A professional will need to both treat and prevent additional problems. Termites cost American families billions of dollars every single year, yet this situation can be avoided. Yearly inspections can prevent families from having to spend thousands to repair structural or cosmetic termite damage and reveal problems as they take place.