What You Can Expect From Termite Inspections

//What You Can Expect From Termite Inspections

What You Can Expect From Termite Inspections

When you think you have a termite problem, you may be feeling stressed about what to do next. Whether you’ve seen a swarm or have noticed damage to your furniture, calling in the professionals is probably the best next step. But, what exactly should you expect from termite inspections once you know you need professional assistance at your home or business?

1.  Identify – The first goal of termite inspections is to identify whether you actually have a termite problem and/or which type of termite infestation you may have. With the inspection, not only can you determine whether there is an ongoing concern, but you will also be able to create a plan of action that will help you rid your home of these pests.

2.  Damage – Termite inspections are also ideal for determining the type of damage that has occurred and how extensive it may be. Different termites thrive in different environments, and the damage you see will give you a clear course of action for removal and repairs.

3.  Solutions – Your pest control professional will be able to apply the proper solutions once their termite inspection is complete and leave you feeling confident you have taken back your property for good. We can also help you with preventative maintenance measures that will protect your home long-term.

If you have questions about termite inspections, or if you believe you need to schedule this service for your home in Polk County, Florida, contact us at Total Pest Solutions today. We are ready to assist you with all your pest control needs!

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