Why Are Rats Hard to Remove

If you’re dealing with rats, we feel for you. Honest, we do. Rats are not only unsanitary and alarming pest rodents, but they’re also notoriously hard to remove. Homeowners can suffer an infestation for months with no progress, no matter what kind of traps they use. What gives? Is there something special about Florida rats that makes them especially hardy? This article will cover some of the ways rats avoid traps and detection. We’ll uncover some of the mysteries of these tricky pests and help you understand how and why to get rid of them.

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Why are Rats Hard to Remove?

Rats have a lot of advantages over people when it comes to staying alive. Sure, they’re short-lived – At best, they’re specialized for life near humans. This means staying out of sight and staying alive. Over time, rats have become conditioned to view human territory as dangerous. These are some traits that make them especially good at staying safe from you.

1) They Eat What We Do

If you’re not starving, neither are your rats. If you give them an inch – Or less – They can get in and ravage food supplies in many cases. They can chew right through plastic and wood to get at food packed away. They can climb and jump very high, meaning it can be hard to keep food out of reach.

2) They Can Get Anywhere

Similar to the last point, rats are at home almost everywhere. When many people think of sharing a home with rats, they imagine them making daring runs for the kitchen. Many imagine a rat scurrying across the bedroom floor. Rats will often spend most of their time in the walls, crawl spaces, or basements. Keeping your home free of clutter can prevent rats from having more shelter from you.

3) Rats are Very Intelligent

This right here may be the biggest reason rats are hard to handle. It’s not that they’re outsmarting you – You’re just failing to outsmart them. Rats have very good memories compared to other animals. This allows them to learn, and some studies suggest rats may even be capable of planning ahead. To make matters worse, they’re neophobic. This means they instinctively avoid anything new or unfamiliar. They’re very good at remembering what their environment is like… So when you add a new trap, a rat often won’t go near it.

Tips for Getting Rid of Rats

Because rats are so hard to deal with, you’ll probably want to make sure you don’t get rats in the first place. Consider sealing any cracks or holes with cement or plaster. Rats can chew through all manner of caulk and non-proof seals—store food in glass or metal, not plastic or wood. You should also make sure to dispose of trash promptly. Don’t let it sit in the kitchen waste bin, and make sure the outside garbage closes tight.

Lastly, don’t go it alone. Call Total Pest Solutions. We’ve been busting these wily rodents for over a decade. Our rodent removal specialists will help you round up any rats you have and keep them from coming back. Don’t hesitate. The other thing that makes rats so hard to remove is their numbers: They just keep making new rats. Call today.