Without Fire Ant Control you could have Mounds of Trouble

//Without Fire Ant Control you could have Mounds of Trouble

Without Fire Ant Control you could have Mounds of Trouble

Fire ants are a menace familiar to anyone living in the southern United States. These reddish brown ants will do a lot more than ruin your picnic. They are known to be very aggressive and will attack anything that disturbs their colonies. Fire ants do not bite like other types of ants; instead they latch onto their victims with their mandibles and inject venom with their stinger. This venom contains proteins and piperidine, which is similar to the main chemical used in pepper spray. The proteins are typically not harmful, but cause an allergic reaction in some people.

There are a few easy-to-spot signs of fire ant infestation. The first thing you may notice are the ant mounds in your yard. These are especially easy to spot after rainfall. It can take fire ants months to build a mound large enough to be seen, so if you see ant mounds in your yard, it’s time to look into fire ant control immediately.

Another sign of fire ant infestation is seeing winged fire ants. Fire ants create new colonies by swarming. When a colony is large enough, it produces winged ants that swarm out of the mound and create new colonies. Very successful colonies can swarm more than once a year, so if you see winged fire ants near your home, you should look into fire ant control to prevent the ants from spreading any further.

When you are looking for reliable fire ant control, you need to call the professionals. Over-the-counter fire ant control products may not completely solve the problem and can be difficult to use effectively, but pest control professionals know how to properly assess a fire ant infestation and can deploy the most effective methods to solve your fire ant problem.

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