I love spring. Spring is full of fresh, blooming flowers, sweet breezes, and full of life. But something you might not know is that springtime is also a time for insects and arachnids to make a comeback. These pests are typically year round problems for most, but their numbers tend to dwindle when the cold weather comes, depending on where you live. Now while we’re out and about enjoying the beautiful effects of the upcoming weather, those springtime pests are also. This is why springtime control of pests is so direly important. Read on to learn about the five springtime pests that you need to keep an eye out for.


Now I doubt I have to tell you this, but ants tend to come inside more during the warm weather. The reasons are endless, but ants are actually more active indoors than any other time due to foraging for new food sources. They can’t really do that if it’s snowy and rainy. To avoid ants there are quite a few home remedies that can help deter and repel them from entering your home in the first place. You can sprinkle cinnamon, baby powder, or borax in places you’ve seen them congregating and have a wonderful spring ant free.


In the same was as ants, bees and wasps come out in the spring and start looking for new resources. Bees and wasps can be dangerous to deal with. Most people don’t realize that bees and wasps aren’t bad. If you end of having an infestation, you should call a professional because then you won’t get stung and they can be relocated instead of killed.


I hate spiders – they might be the creepiest bug ever, but something you might not realize is that they indicate the presence of other insects in your home. Most spiders are pretty much harmless, but it can be very difficult to tell the difference between harmless and harmful to the untrained eye. One way to deter spiders from coming into your home, is to not make piles of things around your home. Those are some of their favorite hiding spots. Piles of carboard boxes or old magazines can give a great hiding spot for a spider and make your home feel like a perfect place for them to set up shop.


Mosquitos are some of the most annoying pests. They always find the “best” times to attack and they choose some of the worst spots. Have you ever had a mosquito bite on the back of your knee? It’s awful especially if you choose to wear a longer pant. They can be quite irritating and so itchy.

Though, with mosquitos, there is a little more than just the bite that you can be worried about with these little guys. Mosquitos can carry so many really dangerous diseases and can make you and your family, even your pets, extremely sick. Spring is the time to start combating mosquitos, so that by the time it’s summer, you have it under control.

In order to help prevent mosquitoes, check out the following mosquito spring pest control tips:

  • Remove all sources of standing water
  • Trim shrubs and keep lawn mowed
  • Clear away yard debris

Termites are wood-eating insects that are known for their enormous appetites. The beginning of spring and after a rain is usually when termites swarm. However, not all termites swarm at the same time. Termites can cause a lot of costly damage in a short amount of time. Oftentimes, these destructive creatures find a choice meal in the form of your beloved home or business.

8 Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • Termite mounds
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Bits of debris
  • Sagging of floors or ceilings
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls
  • Crumbling wood of any structure type
  • Cracked or distorted paint on wood surfaces
  • Groups of winged insects (“swarmers”) or discarded wings