First impressions matter, especially in business. Humans would not go into work in old sweatpants and a torn-up shirt. Commercial property care revolves around this same idea. No matter how amazing a business is, a shabby looking property spells trouble. It attracts less traffic in general, and customers will struggle to trust the business as well. As annoying as these perceptions are, they are easy to understand. If someone does not care enough about their workplace to keep it tidy, how much do they care about the work? Read on to learn the basics about the most important components of commercial lawn care.

Lawn Care

The main component in lawn care is cutting the lawn and edging the green spaces. In addition to mowing and edging, fertilizer is extremely important to lush lawns. The type of fertilizer provided changes depending on the season and temperature. In addition to all of this, most lawn care companies should provide instructions to business owners. Those instructions include feedback and watering directions. This information helps business owners know how to best keep up the lawn. That is, as least until their next appointment.

Weed Control & Pest Control

A huge part of lawn care is keeping weeds out of the grass. However, it can be difficult to monitor the growth of weeds, particularly with sod. Let your lawn care company worry about it so you don’t have to. Lawn spraying helps lawns resist weeds and pests, as well as protecting it from disease and drought. For many people, lawn spraying represents the difference between a patchy lawn and a lush green oasis. Most commercial lawn companies spray the entire lawn against pests.

Shrub & Other Plant Care

Fortunately, most shrubs in Florida are fairly hearty plants that are low maintenance. However, this does not mean that business owners need to forget about those plants entirely. Shrubs and other plants add dimension to the landscape of a beautiful lawn. A huge component of healthy shrubs is pruning everything.

Without pruning, many shrubs contract something called hollow shrub syndrome. Essentially, the thick outer portion prevents the inner portion from getting light. It comes down to one layer of the shrub actually killing another. This ultimately results in the shrub almost caving in and dying. Proper pruning, as well as additional fertilizer prevents issues such as this.

In addition to shrubs, many Florida lawn care specialists also care for palm trees. Palm trees are unique to Florida, so they prevent a unique set of challenges. See our series on introductory palm care for more information.


The most important thing to look for in a commercial lawn care company is one who will provide a schedule and services that fits you and your business.