There are a lot of amazing methods for getting rid of a rat infestation. The problem is that so many people ignore the problem until it gets out of hand. The key to dealing with this infestation is to attack it as soon as you spot the first sign. Here are some tips for getting rid of rats once and for all!

Learning how to get rid of rats starts with a simple choice that you have to make. Do you want to make it easy and call a professional, which costs money? Or do you want to do it yourself, which takes more work but is much cheaper? That choice is ultimately up to you so this post will walk you through the several steps that you can take to tackle this problem yourself.

Eliminate all Entry Points

Rodent-proofing your home is always the first step since you need to prevent the infestation from spreading or reoccurring in the future. Eliminate points of entry by sealing them. Mice can enter through the tiniest of spaces so you need to be diligent here. If a hole is the size of a small pencil, then a mouse can fit through it. Check the foundation for cracks and seal them. Look for small openings around utility pipe and vents. Apply caulk around any gaps. Use weather stripping to seal away those tiny gaps on your doors and windows.

Place Mouse Traps

Traps will help weed out a potential infestation. The problem is that rats will breed faster than traps can kill them so you will need to take other steps if the infestation persists. Most people tend to underestimate just how many mice are infesting their home so they don’t place enough traps. I recommend that you place at least 6 traps at a time so that you have a better chance of trapping all of them. It’s worth noting that some mice are smart enough to avoid traps.

Choose the Perfect Bait

While you can use whatever foods mice have been getting into, it’s always best to use their favorite foods as bait. Peanut butter and chocolate are both great choices. Make sure that you tie the bait to the trap since some mice can carefully pull away food without triggering it. Again, mice are very smart! Also make sure that you secure the trap with a screw or glue so that the mouse does not run off with it and die in a hidden place.

Place the Trap in the Right Places

Make sure that you place traps perpendicular with the wall so that the trap is triggered in a way that faces the baseboard. This will provide the highest chance of success since it encourages the rat to run directly onto the bait to reach it. Mice will not travel very far so the closer you can get the bait to the wall, the higher the chance that the trap will be successful. Finally, make sure that you change the location of the traps every couple of days. You will begin to get through the population of rats quickly with the right setup.