In today’s world, rodents are considered an option for a pet. With their big eyes and fuzzy demeanor, they appear cuddly and adorable. However, if a mouse or rat should appear in your home, and you know you do not own one as a pet, things can escalate pretty quickly if not taken care of. Mice and rats are still considered pests when they invade your home. The repercussions of their presence can harm you in more ways than one. First, below is the difference between a mouse invasion and a rat invasion:

  • Mouse – These pests come indoors for food and shelter and quickly contaminate food not eaten. Mice breed quickly; if you see a few, there’s more throughout the house.
  • Rat – These pests carry of several diseases, many of which can be dangerous to humans. Rats breed quickly.

Whether its mice, rats, or both, it’s important that these pests be taken care of immediately. If ignored, rodents can turn into an out-of-control problem. Rodents are notorious carriers of a variety of diseases, many of which are dangerous to humans.

To protect your loved ones, call our rodent control specialists at Total Pest Solutions. The trouble with traps and poisons with rats is they are ineffective because rats are very wary of changes to their environment – thus traps, no matter how strategically placed, are useless since the rat will avoid them. For mice, you’ll have better luck catching a couple, but since mice breed so quickly, the few you catch will pale in comparison to the colony that has already formed. Our rodent control treatments will completely eradicate the problem and also prevent future rodent infestations. If you suspect a mouse or rat in your home, please call us immediately and we’ll send one of our certified rodent control specialists over right away.