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If you think your shrubs are overdue for some tender, loving care, contact us at Total Pest Solutions for shrub care services in Polk County, FL.

Shrub Care in Polk County

Some may immediately think of fancy pruned bushes in striking and interesting shapes or figures when they think of shrub care services. However, at Total Pest Solutions, we understand that shrub care services involve so much more than just the overall aesthetic appeal of your shrubs (though we think that is pretty important, too!)

While bushes and shrubs may not require as much maintenance as other plants or trees in your garden, they still deserve appropriate attention to keep them healthy and to extend their lifespan as long as possible.

If you are located in Polk County, Florida, give us a call at Total Pest Solutions for shrub care services. We will monitor the overall health and growth of your bushes by making sure that both the exterior and the interior surfaces of the plant receive proper nutrients and daylight. Ignoring the shrubs’ inner structure by not pruning appropriately to allow light in can cause hollow shrub syndrome, decreasing your plants’ overall longevity. By making sure that the shrub is receiving its appropriate nutrients, we are decreasing the likelihood of a disease or insect problem destroying your plant.

If you already are experiencing an insect or disease problem, we have knowledge and experience in the types of problems that affect this area and know the best way to treat them. If your shrubs are in good condition, but may need a quick pruning or ‘trim off the top,’ we are excellent at maximizing the overall beauty of your shrubs, as well. If you think your shrubs are overdue for some tender, loving care, contact us at Total Pest Solutions for shrub care services.

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