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The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin cockroach control and eliminate these pests from your Polk County, FL property.

Cockroach Control in Polk County – Cockroaches are a common problem in Polk County, Florida and many of the other areas around the world that have a warm and humid climate. Most people associate cockroaches with filthy living conditions, but they can also live in clean homes. Cockroaches typically come into a home or business through open doors, cracks in the walls or floors, or in bags from stores or restaurants that have an infestation. Once cockroaches come into a building that has a steady source of food and water, they will begin breeding and can have thousands of offspring annually. This means that seeing even just one cockroach is a serious concern.

Cockroach control is important because these pests can carry and transmit forms of bacteria that can cause food poisoning to humans. One way to avoid a cockroach infestation is to remove all trash regularly, including soda bottles, boxes, and paper bags. If your area is prone to cockroaches, make sure to keep all food containers sealed and don’t leave pet food out, since this becomes a feeding source.

If you live in Polk County, Florida, our expert cockroach control team at Total Pest Solutions can also help. We offer treatment that will kill living cockroaches and any eggs that have been laid in your home. Having cockroaches in your home or business is very frustrating and revolting to most people, so the sooner you call us for treatment, the sooner we can begin cockroach control and eliminate them. We can also offer suggestions to prevent future infestations.

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