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Questions about Pest Control? Lawn Care? Termites? You’re in the right place!

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How long does it take to control weeds?2018-05-20T01:48:28-04:00

Weed control can take as long as 30 days for best results to show.

What is the recommended mowing height?2018-05-20T01:47:45-04:00

We recommend a mowing height of 3-4 inches for St. Augustine grass and Bahia grass. 1-2 Inches for Zoysia grass.

Can Crabgrass be controlled?2018-05-20T01:47:10-04:00

Crabgrass can be suppressed by some pre-emergent and post herbicides. Not all types of grassy weeds can be suppressed.

How much water do my lawn/shrubs need?2018-05-20T01:46:32-04:00

Your grass will tell you when it needs water. Always water at the first sign of wilt. Turf needs ¾” of water to cover root zone. Every area of the lawn must receive at least ¾” of water or drought damage will occur.

Can we mow before/after Treatment?2018-05-20T01:45:48-04:00

TPS will inform you if the products used require delayed mowing before or after treatment. For weed control best results are seen with a mowing delay of 2-3 days before and after weed treatment, especially sedge weed.

Do I have to water right after treatment?2018-05-20T01:45:05-04:00

We will always leave a detailed Service Checklist with Technician comments and watering instructions after every lawn/shrub application.

I have a block home, does it need Termite protection?2018-05-20T01:43:55-04:00

A block home has a lot of wood inside. Termites can damage baseboards, trimming, and studs. Also severe damage to an attic can occur. All homes need termite protection.

How much damage can termites cause?2018-05-20T01:42:55-04:00

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage a year to Florida homes. Over months and years termites can cause thousands of dollars in costly repairs to a single home.

Are your products children/pet friendly?2018-05-20T01:42:08-04:00

TPS applies household pesticides designed to be applied at low concentrations, usually less than 1 %. These concentrations are high enough to be effective in killing small insects. These pesticides are applied in areas where there is least exposure to pets and children.

Do I have to leave my home while it is being treated?2018-05-20T01:41:26-04:00

Customers will not have to leave their home when we treat. TPS only applies products that the label allows customers to stay in their home.

Is there an odor with your Pest Control Products?2018-05-20T01:40:42-04:00

Total Pest Solutions will apply products that are formulated to have little to no odor inside your home.

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