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Bed Bug Control in Polk County

Bed bugs are becoming a common problem throughout the United States. These small, brown, oval-shaped bugs are very tiny, which means that they can easily enter your home without being detected. They are flat (about the width of a credit card), so they can slip into small places such as luggage, clothing, bedding, and couches. Once they get into a home, they will hide in mattresses, bed frames, and box springs, where they can lay eggs and have easy access to people throughout the night. They can also spread between rooms and even through walls into adjoining apartments.

While bed bugs do not carry any diseases, they are still a big nuisance and can cause pain and irritation to those who have them in their homes. They live on blood, so they have to bite humans or animals frequently in order to stay alive. The bites are painful and will cause skin itching and welts. If bed bugs are biting your pets, you may not be able to see the bites beneath their fur, so watch for increased signs of scratching not caused by fleas. Unfortunately, keeping your home clean does not decrease the chance of having bed bugs, since they live in both clean and dirty living conditions. You can bring them into your home when you stay at a hotel, or a guest could bring them in on clothing or luggage.

At Total Pest Solutions, we offer bed bug control treatments to kill bed bugs in your home. Our bed bug control services are available in Polk County, Florida and the surrounding areas, and we have effective treatment options to eliminate the bed bugs for good.

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