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In addition to lawn care services, our portfolio also includes shrub care, weed control, and pest control. We offer a wide range of treatment plans and packages to help you improve the look of your outdoor space.

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Total Pest Solutions has been protecting the homes of Florida residents since 2006. We understand that no one wants to see an unwanted pest in their home. That’s why we are committed to helping families feel confident and secure. Our exterminators are trained and certified to handle all types of pests. Total Pest Solutions was created to give homeowners the peace of mind they deserve by protecting them from invaders and by eliminating termite infestations.

We’re specialists in pest control, with over a decade of experience. Our owner started the company with a passion for helping customers and an eye toward providing only the best service possible. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs—from ant control to rat extermination and lawn care.

Polk City Residents Can Depend on Total Pest Solutions for Pest Control Services.

We’re proud to provide a full-range of pest control solutions for our customers. Our staff of experienced professionals is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, and we can solve any pest problem, large or small. We’re locally owned, so there’s no corporate chain to deal with, and our technicians are highly trained and certified.

Total Pest Solutions is a full-service pest control company. We offer safe and effective removal of gnats, roaches, ants, bees, wasps, and other pests. We can help with residential and commercial pests.

We design our plans to protect your home from pests inside and out—from the attic to your lawn.

Polk City Exterminator Provides Pest Control Services for Commercial and Residential Clients.

Our company offers a variety of pest control services that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. We provide residential and commercial professional treatments, which are very effective at eliminating pests from homes and businesses.

Total Pest Solutions offers a full range of pest control services to meet the needs of our residential and commercial clients in Polk City. Our technicians are highly trained and can provide effective solutions for any pest problems that may be causing problems at your property.

  • We offer a full range of pest control services, from basic preventative maintenance to complete eradication programs.
  • Our pest control specialists will investigate any signs of infestation. We keep you informed and secure throughout the process, assuring your peace of mind.
  • We can spray your home or business with an insecticide, at a time that is most convenient for you.
  • We will contact you periodically to monitor the situation and ensure that the insect problem does not recur.

We Eliminate Pest Problems in Polk City, and We Do So With Care and Professionalism.

A proactive approach can help eliminate pests, so they don’t become a problem. Hire an exterminator to keep your home free from roaches, flies, and rodents with a perimeter treatment in Polk City. Our extermination services offer quarterly, annual, and semi-annual plans to keep your home pest-free.

Since 2006, our top priority has been to protect the health of families. Our practical, yet gentle cleaning solutions ensure that your family will be safe. We offer low-toxic treatments for pest problems in this area, and we use only EPA-approved pest control chemicals to protect you, your family and the environment.

We cover everything from:

  • Rats, Mice, and Other Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • And Countless More!

Our Polk City Residents Can Call Our Insect and Ant Control Specialists to Get Rid of Pests.

Insects can invade a home or business in large numbers, particularly when food is left out or if they find a water source. Some species, such as ants and termites, live in colonies that may contain 300,000 to 500,000 individuals. Contact our company today to prevent their incursion.

If you see even a few ants in your home or business, there is likely to be a colony nearby. The best way to remove an ant colony is to call Total Pest Solutions for ant control service in Polk City, Florida. We can take care of the colony before it gets out of control.

Ant control treatments vary widely in effectiveness. The best way to get rid of ants and other household pests is to call our team of experts. We guarantee results and strive for 100% satisfaction. You can count on us for effective ant control treatments.

  • If you need help solving an ant problem in your home, we have been helping homeowners solve their ant problems since 2006.
  • We’re friendly, fast, and dedicated. We’ll do our best to make you happy with our work.
  • At our pest control business, we have team members on staff to handle each phase of our green, family-friendly pest removal process for homes and businesses.

Polk City Bed Bug Control Professionals Trained to Help You Overcome a Bed Bug Infestation.

It is undeniable fact that bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States. These insects, which live off the blood of humans and animals, can enter your home undetected and cause considerable discomfort. However, their presence need not spell disaster: there are steps that can be taken to help prevent them from becoming a nuisance.

If you want to be rid of bed bugs, call Total Pest Solutions. We provide effective bed bug control services for residential and commercial customers. Schedule an appointment for bed bug treatment today for treatments.

  • Your bed bug invasion isn’t your fault! Anyone, even the cleanest people, can get them.
  • Bed bugs, which can be a nuisance to have in your home, do not carry any diseases.
  • We offer fast, safe, and effective bed bug removal services to make your home comfortable again.

We’re the Pest Control Solution You Can Trust to Solve Your Termite Problems in Polk City.

With Total Pest Solutions, you get the highest quality service at affordable rates. Our technicians are experts in the field and use safe, humane methods to help rid your home of burrowing invaders. As your one-stop source for pest control services, Total Pest Solutions provides permanent solutions.

Our team of local professionals is committed to keeping your home free of pests and other unwanted intruders. We use proven methods, backed by scientific research, to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Total Pest Solutions is a leading provider of pest control services to residential homes and commercial properties in Winter Haven and the surrounding areas. We strive to prevent costly property damage by eliminating destructive pests before they become established.

We take care of:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • And More.

Polk City, Fl’s Premier Rodent Control Company

selective focus of small rat near jars with uncooked peas and barley on table Polk City FLWe offer humane rodent control to Polk City residents and businesses. We have been in the area since 2006. Rodent control requires precision, and knowledge about the rodents found in the area where you live.

Rodent control is a major concern for many Polk City homeowners. We’re here to help you find the best solutions for controlling mice, rats and other pests in your home or business.

  • Our company uses humane methods to control rat populations.
  • We offer regular pest inspections, maintenance services, and more to keep pests out of your home and office.
  • We are your local, certified exterminator for rats and mice. We will eliminate your rodent problem safely, effectively, and efficiently with our advanced pest control methods.

We Offer the Best Lawn Care Services in the Neighborhood.

Total Pest Solutions, a leading Polk City pest control company, provides more than just pest control to the residential and commercial properties in our service area. We offer lawn care services as well.

We provide lawn care services that include, but are not limited to, pest and disease control, weeding and mowing, and fertilizing. Our goal is to help you maintain a beautiful outdoor space that complements the rest of your property.

  • Our lawn care services are designed to control the growth of crabgrass, weeds, diseases, and fungi in your plants.
  • By managing the factors that damage your lawn, you can enjoy a good-looking lawn year-round. We take care of your yard like we would our own.
  • We guarantee that you’ll be happy with your experience with us and that our prices will be the lowest in the industry.

Total Pest Solutions: A Professional and Family-Friendly Company!

When you hire Total Pest Solutions, you can count on a family-friendly pest control company that offers both residential and commercial services in the Polk City area. Not only that, we’re locally owned and operated.

We’re the pest control company you need in your life. Our local specialists will handle all of your extermination needs, from termites to bed bugs, so you can get back to what’s important to you. We’re the exterminators that you can trust.

Total Pest Solutions Is Dedicated to Providing the Best Service Possible.

We treat your home with insecticide to rid your home of pests, such as cockroaches and spiders. This helps to keep your family safe from allergy-inducing insects and bites, as well as the Lyme disease-carrying deer tick.

Our technicians will use odorless products on the interior and exterior of your home, inspect your attic to make sure it’s safe and up to code, treat your house’s exterior quarterly with a granular and liquid product, and return at no charge if your problem isn’t solved.

Contact us at Total Pest Solutions for expert pest and termite control services. We’ll keep pests, such as mice, cockroaches, and more, from taking over your yard or home and serving all of Polk City, FL.

Local Reviews
for Polk City, FL

Michael B.

Michael B.

Near Waterview Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We treated the lawn with insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer along with herbicide. Please water in for best results.

Near Hinsdale Heights Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

Treated your lawn for all insects fleas , ticks and ants .

Near Shore Line Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We treated your lawn and shrubs today .

Near Shore Line Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We treated your lawn today for insects and applied liquid fertilizer

Near Shore Line Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We treated ants , weeds and applied liquid fertilizer to lawn .

Near Sayge Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We applied liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide to lawn . Treated all ants as well .

Near Sayge Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We treated your lawn and shrubs today . Insecticide, fertilizer and herbicide to lawn . Treated shrubs with insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer.

Near Narrow Pond Rd, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

Treated dog park areas for all insects fleas , ticks , ants , spiders and ticks .

Near Laynewade Rd, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

Treated insects and applied fungicide with fertilizer to shrubs . Will come back to treat shrubs inside gate due to dogs on patio .

Near Honey Bee Ln, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

We applied liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide to lawn . Treated all insects and weeds .

Near Edgewater Dr, Polk City, FL 33868
James H.

James H.

Lawn and shrubs . We applied liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide to lawn. We applied liquid fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide to shrubs.

Near Bayberry Dr, Polk City, FL 33868

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Total Pest Solutions was started in 2006 by Owner Randall Durden. Randall has a passion for the pest control industry and a desire to exceed the expectations of his customers.

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