There is almost nothing more meal-ruining than house flies buzzing around your head and landing in your food. We have all been there. Whether you are having a picnic or attending a backyard barbecue, flies are truly meddlesome especially when there is food on the table. But what if you are inside your home, and you discover that the flies have followed you there? There are a few simple ways to keep flies out of your home. Read on for our simple tips to make your house less attractive to flies.

Keep Fruits & Veggies Refrigerated

Fruits and veggies are one of the biggest attractors of flies and gnats. This especially true of produce that is past its prime. As produce ripens, it gives off more and more smell. And if you leave them in a bowl on the counter, it is very easy to forget about them until they are well past their prime. Keeping these items in the refrigerator will not only contain the smell, but it will also keep your produce fresher for longer. This means less food waste and fewer bugs, all in one step.

Empty Trash Often

If you have ever walked past your trash can and caught a whiff of something foul, you know that this is one place that smells like to linger. As we stated before, smells are one big way that bugs find their sustenance. One easy way to mitigate this is to simply empty your trash cans more frequently. As an added bonus, your nose will thank you for keeping those unpleasant trash bin smells away. Just remember to empty the can before it gets so full that you cannot close the lid anymore. That lid is your best friend when it comes to both smell and fly control.

Clean Sinks and Garbage Disposal

Sink drains and garbage disposals often trap little bits of food scraps that get forgotten about. The added moisture in this environment make this an ideal place for flies to lay their eggs. Before you know it, you have got a full-blown fly infestation on your hands. An important tip to prevent this is to regularly clean your sinks and garbage disposal. For sink drains, you can flush them with bleach or a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. These will clean and disinfect the pipes and remove any unwanted smells that may be coming from them. For your garbage disposal there are several commercially available cleaning products on the market. However, a simple DIY disposal cleaner is to use citrus rinds, ice cubes, and salt to scrub and deodorize your garbage disposal.

Total Pest Solutions

When all else fails, give us a call at Total Pest Solutions. We are here for all your pest control needs. We will help you get rid of the pesky flies that are making your home their own. We can also give you more tips and tricks to prevent them from returning.