Rodents are some of the worst pests to have in a home. Their very existence brings disease and other issues that spread to humans and animals. So why exactly are rodents coming into human houses in the first place? Today, sit down and explore the most significant reasons as to what is attracting rodents to your home.

  1. A Small Leak Or Dripping Water

Whether it’s a small pipe in the wall, a dripping faucet or a dripping showerhead, a rat will find it. What seems like a small nuisance to humans is a major find for a rat. The small leak provides a drinking source that rats know is safe. Most households likely do not go too long without using water, so the source is consistent too. There are not too many other places where rats access such a clean and constant water source.

  1. Shelter

This is an especially relevant issue in Florida, where the two weather conditions are generally hot and rainy. Rodents are not exactly known for their sunbathing or slip ‘n’ slide skills, so your home is a cozy spot. Human homes are warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, and dry in rainy weather. This shelter and unintended hospitality is a huge part of what is attracting rodents to your home.

  1. Food

All pests love food, but rodents LOVE food. Rats and mice only need a few grams of food a day to live on. This means that small pile of crumbs under your cabinets is lunch and dinner. That open bag of potato ships? A feast for the whole colony to enjoy. Even food in sealed boxes or bags is accessible to rodents with just a little bit of chewing. This category does not just enjoy human food. Bags of dog and cat food left out in a garage are easy targets for rodents too. If the bags are left untouched for long enough, they can steal a significant portion of the bag.

  1. Speaking Of Pets…

Pet excrement is a huge draw for rodents. As disgusting as it is to think about, rodents love to chow down on dog and cat waste. A good way to avoid this is to bag the waste as soon as possible. Then, leave it in an outdoor trashcan away from the house.

  1. A Chink In The Armor

For some rats, they get into human homes for the same reason humans climb mountains – “because they can.” Rats and squirrels only need about a half inch hole to get into the house or attic. Mice need even less. Additionally, trees and shrubbery close to the home improve their chances. The greenery offers cover for them to chew their way in or a bridge to an easy entrance. Climbing a tree into a vent is a highly common way for rodents to access a home.