How to Exterminate Termites

//How to Exterminate Termites

How to Exterminate Termites


Many consider termites to be the single biggest threat to homes in the United States. The damage they cause is serious and often adds up to several thousands of dollars. Because termites often attack from underneath the ground and destroy structures while concealed beneath the surface, it is possible for them to infest a building for years without being noticed. The more time they have to attack a home undisturbed, the worse and more expensive the damage will become. For these reasons, annual inspections are recommended, and when seen, measures should be taken immediately to eliminate all termites present.

Termite infestations will require chemical treatment as they are a significant and serious problem. Chemicals should ideally be applied by experts who know how to keep substances from contaminating surrounding soil and water sources. Store-bought remedies will likely be ineffective, as it may take hundreds of gallons of pesticides squirted into the ground around and within the foundation to successfully eradicate the pests. Experts will also have knowledge of home construction that they can use to identify and access areas of a home where termites most often gain entry.

Used correctly, liquids with poisons added to the ground can instantly kill termites as they journey into the area, as well as prevent any future termites from passing through. Often companies apply it around the entire perimeter of a home. In this way, they fix not only current infestations but also prevent future ones for long periods of time. Termites trapped within a building will also die off as well since they cannot access the moisture of the soil.

Borate treatments are another option to block termite entry and are used to seal cracks and other open areas. The use of large amounts of sand can serve as a type of barrier as well. It fails to hold moisture and termites cannot create tunnels within it, so it works effectively in crawl spaces, terraces, and other locations where termites can often be found. Sand also stops additional termites from entering an already infested area, so the problem does not become even worse.

Termite colonies may contain many thousands of insects. Because they can be beneath a home as well as within it, they are not easy to see let alone access and eliminate. Further, treatment will often need to be extensive and utilize strong chemical agents capable of both killing the insects and preventing future problems. Experts in termite control will be necessary to identify a problem, implement the best treatment plan, and to carry it out successfully.

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